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Air Vitamins in Vrakuňáčik

Have you ever heard of air vitamins? They will now enriche and improve the air in our Vrakuňáčik classrooms and bedrooms.

It is a modern and efficient air purifier, which based on its mechanisms, components and filters suck the air in a given space, clean it, enriche with negative ions and release back into the room. In such an easy way we can get rid of excess dust, mold, pollen, biological waste, smoke, dust mites, and bacteria. And the ions act as air antihistamines, regenerate the body, also promote the production of serotonin.

We really insist on the fact that we want Vrakuňáčik for our kids healthy and full of energy. The new air purifier is not only a good choice during cold days and increased sickness such in the period that has begun right now but it also reduces the dust in the summer time (in the classroom there is fresher, softer and healthier environment).

We want to care about the health for all the children and adults in Vrakuňáčik!

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