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Musicotherapy with Petra

The main object is to bring on a nice and pleasant, enjoyable experience through music and playing the musical instruments. It has really a positive effect on the overall human development.

In Vrakuňáčik we would like to introduce so called "muzikofiletika". It is a discipline of pedagogy somewhere between music as a school subject and musicotherapy. It can be understood as a creative and experiental application of standard musicotherapy techniques. "Muzikofiletika" gives us feedback about how the person is or how he/she feels. The tuning is always optimistic and positive. It is able to restore inner harmony in the human body, removes mental blocks, cleans energy by means of listening the music, singing, playing the musical instruments with natural tuning and sounds. Among other benefits are also helping the child develop their communication skills, promoting concentration and listening skills, helping the child to find ways to express feelings creatively and constructively beyond their behaviour.

It uses some not quite common musical instruments with a rich blend of harmonic overtones. They are used for deep relaxation, meditation, stress reduction, holistic healing ansd for example left/right brain synchronization. It also provides the mind and body with missing frequencies and starts the process of harmonization, peace and health. Some of the instruments mentioned are croaking frogs, Tibetan handbells, drums, Tibetan singing bowls, flutes etc.

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