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NTC Learning Method

NTC Learning System

The program is dedicated to the development of functional thinking, but is also designed to stimulate development of intellectual potential of each child, especially gifted children, which should be seen as the strategic interest of every country.

Ranko Rajović (member of the Mensa International BoD) and Uroš Petrović (President of Mensa Serbia, author of “Riddle Tales” for children, used by Mensa in 15 European countries) are the authors of the program.

Ranko Rajović is a member of UNICEF, the founder of Mensa in several countries and the co-author of the program NTC learning system, which is based on the use of neurophysiology and pedagogy. Its goal is to use games to appropriately stimulate the development of children. Early childhood is the period when most of the patterns of thinking, deduction and integration are developed and precisely the development of functional thinking is important for the way we think and learn in the rest of our lives.

The advantage of this concept is its application for children aged between 3 and 7, resulting in the better development of intellectual powers in each child. Just the fact that the human brain develops over 50% of its capacity before the age of five is reason enough to apply specialized programmes as early as possible. It is the responsibility of society, local communities, and each parent to not miss this extremely important period in life and to support the development of the biological potential of each child to his or her maximum.

Among others, the NTC learning method involves the recognition of abstract symbols, country flags, or car brands, and puts emphasis on divergent thinking, enigmatic stories, and enigmatic questions.

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