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The international project of AIESEC in Vrakuňáčik

We are glad to have a new project of AIESEC Educate Slovakia: Kids Surprise which we started in August 17, 2015 in our kindergarten.

Our children and also our staff had a great chance to have an intern in Vrakuňáčik. Her name was Linda Liu Zillin from China. She studies at university in her own country, but during her summer holiday she came to Europe, to know new people, culture and customs. She speaks English perfectly. She stayed for two weeks in a kindergarten in Budapest and then she moved to Bratislava to join our team at Vrakuňáčik. Our children had a great opportunity to learn new things, to realise that there might be something more than they know and are used to, different languages, faces, cultures, thinking, costumes. Linda tried to break the first language barriers and prejudices, she tried to speak to kids in English as much as possible and show them that there is no reason to be worried about a person who speaks or looks differently.

We hope that in the future there will be another chance to meet some other AIESEC people from other countries who will visit us, who will also stay as interns and our kids will have another chance to learn new things and make English language more profound. Because it was really a pleasure to have Linda in Vrakuňáčik and work with her.

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