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The educational program in Vrakuňáčik is based on the educational program applied in Czech KinderGarten kindergartens. Our year-round plan is based on the standards for work in the kindergarten – ISCED 0, too which guarantees high quality of the entire educational process.

The program is based on three principles:

Adaptation to kindergarten

Adaptation to kindergarten – one of the most important issues of child development and parent-child relationships. It is really a big change in the child`s life. To stay in a group of unknown people and children without parents for the first time is a big thing. There are our kind teachers that patiently help the child to adjust to the new situations, environment, and become familiar with it. The child learns to greater autonomy and aligns with the separation from familiar surroundings. The kid learns to be a member of other kids, quarrel, make peace, observes the behavior of other children and adults in a variety of situations that he/she would never see at home. In addition, by observing and comparing, the child gets a lot of information about themselves, too.

Educational activities

The year in Vrakuňáčik follows an annual cycle of the nature and it is divided into four seasons. Each one of the four seasons has its charm, its colours, stories and topics. For every season there are particular educational goals (children become familiar with the given seasons and especially with the weather, holidays, sports, life and needs of the animals in each one). In addition, the children discover and learn about themselves, their city and the place where they live and grow. All activities are each a part of a big unified system and they logically complement one another and thus form a unique entity with the child in the middle. Our year-round plan is based on the standards for work in the kindergarten – ISCED 0.

Preparation for primary school

The whole pre-school period is a preparation for compulsory school attendance. The children should be mature enough in their mental, physical, social sphere. The kid should start th elementary school with healthy and independent personality. We approache individually to every child and with respect to their specific needs.

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