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07. 10. 2015

Creative dance

“Life is movement . The movement is closely linked to the human psyche (emotions are showed in any kind of movement). Movement is a part of child development. If we want the child to grow and develop it is important to stimulate the movement. To reach a certain healthy level in the movement every child needs harmonization of it. For the child it is good to experience freedom and spontaneity as well as discipline and organization. All the above is supported by creative dance.” (Mary Joyce)

14. 09. 2015

Air Vitamins in Vrakuňáčik

Have you ever heard of air vitamins? They will now enriche and improve the air in our Vrakuňáčik classrooms and bedrooms.

14. 09. 2015

The international project of AIESEC in Vrakuňáčik

We are glad to have a new project of AIESEC Educate Slovakia: Kids Surprise which we started in August 17, 2015 in our kindergarten.

24. 06. 2015

Musicotherapy with Petra

Music has always been a powerful tool for expression. It can touch our emotions deeply and allows for a freedom of communication which needs no words. Musicotherapy uses shared music-making to help children cope more effectively with their lives and their difficulties and to allow them to demonstrate their potential more fully. In Vrakuňáčik Peťka will make music together with our children, the music made will be shared and spontaneous. They will together establish a musical relationship in which emotionscould be expressed, explored and worked through within a safe environment.

17. 06. 2015

Reading comprehension

Once upon a time ... Nearly every story for children starts like this. Kids love books and reading. Little kids in kindergartens don`t read but it is very important to teach them to feel the power of books and stories in them from the early age. Parents often wonder what they can do to help their preschooler be a successful reader even before he or she begins to read. The other thing is to understand the meaning from the stories. And we would like to show them how.

17. 06. 2015

Art therapy with Bára

In Vrakuňáčik we add a new activity called Art Therapy wit Bára last week. We really picked a professional with the proper licensing and certifications and with extensive experience treating children with different issues. The first meeting with the therapist gave us a sense of who the person was and how she works. And the children really liked it and enjoyed it. See the Gallery.

17. 06. 2015

NTC Learning Method

IQ the responsibility of parents. This is the name of a book written by Dr. Ranko Rajovic, is a long-term member of the four-member committee of International Mensa for gifted children. He and his team have developed an efficient and simple programme for preschool children. The advantage of this concept is its application for children aged between 3 and 7, resulting in the better development of intellectual powers in each child. Just the fact that the human brain develops over 50% of its capacity before the age of five is reason enough to apply specialized programmes as early as possible.

13. 04. 2015

Summer kindergarten

We would like to propose a summer kindergarten for your kids for the upcoming summer – don`t you know how to prepare an interesting summer time for them or is your own kindergarten closed during that time?

22. 01. 2015

February 2015 registration is now open

February 2015 registration is now open. You will get more information if you send us a message, an email or we can arrange a meeting and you can come and visit us.

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